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A – Accuracy:It means to be “Capable of or successful in reaching the intended target”. We shall achieve our goal the “EXCELLENCE” by empowering ourselves to be responsible citizens who contribute to their communities through leadership and service.
G – GRATITUDE: It means “Thanks and Appreciation”. We shall recognize, thank and appreciate the goodness of God manifested in Nature and in every human person who contributes to our life’s growth.
N – Noble….It means to have or show more qualities or ideals or greatness of character; having excellent qualities. We shall strive with diligence to live in peace and Harmony with all irrespective of Religion, Caste, Creed and Culture giving due respect to every human person.
E – Empathetic:t means an ability to share in and understand someone else’s feelings. We shall make use of every opportunity to be kind, respectful and compassionate in our dealings with one another.
E – Excellence:It is achieved through collaboration, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We shall commit ourselves to the continuous improvement of our programs, services and the professional development of staff and the excellence of students both in academics and activities.
S – SYNERGY:It means “To work together”. It’s a concept that the combined value and performance of more than two individuals will be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts. We the Management, Principal, Staff, Parents, Students and all stakeholders who are associated with us shall remain loyal and work as ONE TEAM/ ONE FAMILY of St. Agnes striving towards Global Excellence.

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