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Recommendations to Parents /Guardians

Parent Co-operation:

•   Parent co-operation is an essential part of running an efficient educational institution. The school needs the involvement of parents in many of its activities.
•   Parents are encouraged to give suggestions constructively for the improvements of academic standards and other developments of the institution.
•   Parents shall not attempt to meet the teachers when a class is in progress.
•   Parents are requested not to allow their ward to bring CDs, iPods, Cameras, mobile phones, videogames or similar gadgets to the School. There will be surprise checking of students and their belongings and if a student is found with any of these gadgets, the same will be confiscated and returned only at the end of the year. Any violation of this rule will attract disciplinary action.
•   Parents and students are discouraged strongly from giving any kind of gifts to teachers/members of the staff.
•   Parents are strongly discouraged from visiting the School Staff at their residence except in an emergency.
•   Criticism of teachers of the school in the presence of the students should be avoided.
•   Legitimate complaints should be brought to the notice of the Principal without delay.
•   Anonymous letters/phone calls will not be considered.
•   All dues must be cleared before a student is admitted to the terminal and final examinations.
•   Attending the Parent Teacher meetings as well as other important functions in the school is a duty and service parents owe to their children.
•   All communications from the school regarding homework, assignments, projects, tests, exams, competitions, payment of fees etc. will be sent to the parents through SMS. Parents are requested to check and follow them up. If parents do not receive such information regularly they are requested to bring it to the notice of the SMS Coordinator immediately.
•   Any requests or complaints should be given in writing at the school office.
•   Parents will encourage their child to participate in all the school Activities/Competitions.
•   Parents will keep the child at home when suffering from contagious or infectious diseases.

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