rainbow day extravaganza: celebrating colours of joy with st agnes school cbse ’s lkg and ukg stars!”

St Agnes School CBSE , recently marked July 1st, 2024, as Rainbow Day with a spectacular event that saw the participation of LKG and UKG children. The day was filled with colourful festivities, with both students and educators donning vibrant hues to create a cheerful and radiant ambiance.

The celebrations began with a cultural program that began with a prayer dance, seeking divine blessings for the event. The young learners from LKG captivated the audience with an action-packed song titled “Rainbow,” showcasing their talent and enthusiasm for the colourful theme. Subsequently, the UKG students took the stage to educate everyone about the significance of rainbow colours through a skit and an energetic Rainbow dance performance, demonstrating their creativity and confidence.

Teachers played an active role in engaging the children in various artistic endeavours, such as thumb printing and vegetable dabbing. The students were filled with joy , using their thumbs to create colourful patterns on charts, fostering their creativity and enhancing their fine motor skills in a fun and interactive way. Additionally, the children brought rainbow-themed snacks and food, adding to the vibrancy of the event and creating a festive atmosphere.

Sr Letitia A.C. , the KG coordinator, delivered a significant message underscoring the symbolism of the rainbow, imparting valuable lessons to the young minds present. Class teachers effectively conducted a range of activities, including experiment demonstrations and PowerPoint presentations centred around the Rainbow theme, enriching the educational experience of the students.

The Rainbow Day celebration at St Agnes School CBSE was a testament to the school’s commitment to providing a holistic educational experience that nurtures not only academic growth but also creativity, imagination, and cultural appreciation.

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