honouring the achievers of public speaking classes.

St Agnes School CBSE initiated a new academic year filled with collaborative learning alongside Accolades Academy for public speaking classes on June 25, 2024, at Block II Hall. The event was characterized by a spirit of enthusiasm and a shared purpose among both students and faculty. This collaboration aimed to enhance students’ communication skills, boost confidence, and nurture a sense of community.

The event commenced with an invocation to seek divine blessings, accompanied by a captivating chorus that captivated the audience. Mr. Prasad Adappa, the founder of Accolades Academy, Mrs. Sanjana, the Administrator of Accolades Academy, Principal Sr. Maria Sarika A.C., Coordinator Mrs. Josephine, and Head Girl Joanna Pereira inaugurated the event by lighting a lamp, symbolizing a promising beginning and the enlightenment of knowledge. A welcoming dance set the ambiance for the gathering, followed by Teacher Janet introducing the esteemed resource persons, Mr. Adappa and Mrs. Sanjana, leading to the grand inauguration of the public speaking classes for the academic year 2024-25.

Over the last two years, the emphasis on public speaking has significantly contributed to the development of exceptional speakers. The unwavering commitment of each student, coupled with the consistent support and mentorship from Accolades mentors, has played a crucial role in their accomplishments. Distinguished students were recognized with certificates and medals, serving as a source of inspiration for their peers to pursue excellence.

The Chief Guest Mr Adappa imparted invaluable insights and wisdom on effective communication, enhancing the program with his profound knowledge. The audience listened intently, captivated by his articulate delivery and engaging anecdotes. His words resonated deeply, inspiring many to reflect on their own communication styles and the impact they have on their personal and professional relationships.

The event was skilfully orchestrated by students Riya Rajesh and Snehal S.G. Teacher Theresa extended appreciation to all participants for their contributions, which culminated in the event’s resounding success. The proceedings concluded with a rendition of the school anthem, providing a poignant conclusion to a memorable occasion. .

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