the insightful session on adolescent empowerment

On the 21st of June, 2024 St Agnes School CBSE ,Bendore, Mangaluru, meticulously organized an enlightening session titled “Adolescent Empowerment: Navigating Challenges and Growing Stronger” exclusively tailored for the students of Grade 7 and 8. This session was thoughtfully crafted with the intention of guiding students through the challenges they might encounter during adolescence.

The session was graced by the presence of esteemed resource persons, namely Ms Adishree Ravi, Ms Suha Rehma, Ms Amal Ahmed, and Ms Daania Ameer. Furthermore, the event received invaluable support from Ms Keerthana P., Sr Mary Theres, Ms Reshma Sequeira, and Mr Ebin Sebastian from the Clinical Psychology Department at St Agnes Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research.

Discussed topics encompassed anger management, distinguishing between positive and negative touch, developing effective study habits, and understanding puberty-related changes. The resource persons skilfully engaged the students in interactive activities, facilitated group discussions, and delved into real-life scenarios. This multifaceted approach not only imparted valuable information but also ensured active participation and engagement from the students involved.

The event began with a prayer song to set a solemn tone. Teacher Priya Noronha took the initiative to introduce the speakers and extend a warm welcome to all present. The students showed great involvement and participation during the entire session. At the end, as a gesture of gratitude, the resource persons received mementos in recognition of their valuable contributions. Finally, the event reached its conclusion with Teacher Wilma Anitha Lobo delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks.

The overall atmosphere was one of mutual respect and eagerness to learn, reflecting the importance of such developmental programs in shaping young minds. The session not only provided valuable knowledge but also fostered a renewed sense of self-awareness and confidence, ready to apply the lessons learned in their everyday lives.

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